My Name is Michael, i’m 35 years old now. I’m working for Hack The Box and i really love it! side fact: I’m working for HTB since july 2020. In the meantime i rented a dedicated server to deliver more tutorials ( i hope!).

some small facts:

  • I recently passed the BTL1 exam and i’m doing oscp this year too.
  • I really love to chat at the HTB discord.
  • I’ve a 1337 tattoo on my knuckles (I’ll post a photo soon™)
  • I’m German!

What is Hack The Box?

You maybe know or maybe not know what Hack The Box is. Hack The Box is a massive, online cybersecurity training platform, allowing individuals, companies, universities and all kinds of organizations around the world to level up their hacking skills.

If you want to learn hacking i can highly recommend you to start with the Academy.

After you’ve done some modules, like Introduction to Academy you can start with some Linux Fundamentals. If you want to dive directly into some retired machines, i recommend you the videos from ippsec. He also have a great search engine on his homepage.

This is just a quick way to say that i’m still alive! If you want to chat with me, contact me either on Discord(Mickhat) or email me to root(at)mickhat(dot)xyz.

Much love you all and we’ll see us!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.